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An integral part of the Jened philosophy is that camp is, over everything, a vacation for the guests. Jened provides a selection of activities to make the guests' vacations as memorable and fun as possible.

Some of these activities are:

The Pool

A favourite on hot July afternoons. The pool is staffed by camps' lifeguards, as well as weekly visits from physical therapists who provide scheduled aqua-therapy for our guests.

There's also a dedicated staff pool that is open out of working hours.

Media Magic

Media Magic contains the sure-fire hit that is Radio Jened, as well as a weekly camp newsletter.

Discovering Outdoors

A big part of Jened is celebrating the environment. Camp is in the Catskill Mountains and likes to focus on those surroundings. Discovering Outdoors explores the sizable camp grounds as well as enabling camp's guests to learn about the natural environment around them.

Animal Husbandry

Along with Discovering Outdoors, Animal Husbandry utilizes and celebrates the location and environment of Camp Jened. With a purpose-built farm on site, housing Horses, Chickens, Goats, Calves and the one and only Dolly Llama! Animal Husbandry enables camp's guests to learn and experience feeding, grooming and exercising the animals on camp, aswell as a recent yet popular activity: horse riding


Another of the popular activities on camp is housed in the purpose-built Sensory Room, also known as the Snoezelen. Here guests find specific areas designed to stimulate and calm the senses respectively.


Another of camp's waterfront activities is the Boating. Camp has its own lake: Ida. Where guests and their counselors can enjoy fishing, as well as three different types of boating, including row boats and peddle boats.

Music, Dance & Drama

Another of the more popular camp activities. MDD, held in our Rec Hall, holds activities from movie nights, karaoke, plays, poetry writing and dancing competitions.

Arts & Crafts

One of the most popular activities on camp. Camp provides art therapy run by liscensed occupational therapists in every session of the summer. As well as a specialist Activity staffer who leads a variety of activities throughout the summer.

In addition to the scheduled daily activities Jened also holds Evening Activities and Special Events. Some of these events are:

Camp Outs in the woods
Talent Shows
Camp Fires
Tractor Rides
Theme Days

When a guest would rather not participate in an organised activities, Jened also has a baseball field, basketball court and trails around Lake Ida and through the surrounding woodlands.

With such a wide range of activities there is always something to do at Jened.

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