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About Jened

Jened Recreation Village is a summer camp serving adults with developmental disabilities throughout New York State. Our campers range from people with cerebral palsy to people with severe mental and physical impairments. All our campers are over 18 years old and one of the aims of Jened is to encourage a informal, fun and age-appropriate environment.

Jened was created (in its present incarnation), in the 1960s, in Hunter, NY, by the families of children with cerebral palsy. In 1980 the camp moved to Rock Hill, NY, which it has called home for over 25 years now.

We are now part of a larger organization, the Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State.

Jened is located about 2 hours out of New York City, 5 hours from Washington DC and about 6 hours from Niagra Falls.

The Summer Season

The camp season is split into ten sessions - a session is the time frame a group of campers is there for. There are two types of session: Social and Mixed.

Social sessions are just as it sounds. The campers in these sessions are higher functioning and enjoy the social atmosphere camp provides.

Mixed sessions are catered to lower-functioning campers. These sessions focus more on the individual campers' needs and abilities, rather then their interaction with others.

These sessions run for either six or ten days. Between each sessions, staff get at least 2 days off - called session breaks.

On session breaks and days off camp provides free trips into the nearest towns, Rock Hill and Monticello, several times a day. As well as a free bus ride into New York City each session break.

The Work

As a general counselor at Jened you will be expected to assist and enable the campers to enjoy their vacation as much as possible.

A part of this does involve personal care (such as assisting toileting and bathing). If you are coming to camp with no experience then this can be a little nerve-wracking at first, but camp is full of people there to help you and make you feel more at ease and confident.

The main part of being a counselor is a lot of fun. You basically get to accompany your guest on their vacation. Enabling them to take part in the variety of activities on offer at camp. There's a lot of dancing, singing, painting, basketball, swimming and a whole lot more over the summer.

Other duties include filling in paperwork, as well as keeping the camp grounds clean and tidy.

Staff Information

Jened hires around 150 staffers per season. Jobs available include:
Senior Counselors
Cabin Leaders
Activity Staffers
Support Staff

The kind of job you have at camp is decided by your experience working with the population of campers, aswell as summer camp experience and also general leadership skills.

Jened has a heavy international influence. Around 120 of its 150 staff per season are from outside the USA. This staff are hired through agencies such as CCUSA, Camp America, Inter Exchange and ICCP.

The Jened Experience

It's difficult to describe the type of summer you have at Camp Jened. Sufficed to say that if you're reading this to find out about your upcoming summer at Jened - you're in for a hell of a time!

It's demanding work with long hours. It's an intense, stressful and wonderful experience. You will have the best times of your life there and the worst times as well. They will all come together to make an experience that will never leave you.

The most important thing for a new counselor to Jened is to approach camp with an open and positive mind. Your attitude and the attitude of the other staff are what will make the atmosphere at camp.

The most important thing for a returning counselor is to accept that each summer is different. Many people return to camp and expect it to be exactly the same. It never is. Each summer is unique.

You will meet some fantastic people from all over the world, from diverse backgrounds, and forge friendships which will last for years (four years and counting for yours truly).

Contact Camp

To contact the camp directly:

Phone: +1 845 434 2220
Fax: +1 845 434 2253

Jened Recreation Village
Adams Road
PO BOX 483
Rock Hill
NY 12775

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