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September 28th 2006 - I'm doing my best to try and catch up and so in a pathetic effort to show that all is well, there is a new photo page has been added to the reunions section. Also here's a peek at some of the icons I've been wasting my time making...

And in the spirit of shameless advertising you can use these over at the message board whenever you like. Use the freaking message board!

September 16th 2006 - Well, I'm back. The 2006 odyssey is over. And it's been one hell of a ride. Camp nearly got closed few times. Policies got tightened all over the place. The boat got fixed, only to get broken again on its first run out. Lifeguards failed the lifeguarding course, Mike left camp after nine summers, to be replaced by new director, Sue. Luuk left to get married to Melissa. I had a desk! One session was cancelled and another was rescheduled to the end of the summer. Firings, protests, love affairs, staff morale, a new ipod nano (so sexy!), and one damn good summer later - I'm back in England missing it all over again.

I want to thank everyone on clean up who put together and bought me a little something. Huh, little something. A cable to plug my ipod nano (so sexy!), into my stereo, and a couple of books - one on photoshop (see the banner on the top of the page? Made with photoshop), and one on CSS (which is a way of coding a website). So I'll be tinkering with the site a little once I've got the hang on it. Thank you, guys. It meant a lot to me. I was a little... numb when you gave it me as I was leaving camp that day, but it meant a lot to me.

Also I will soon be buying the webspace and new domain for the site, at $270 for three years. So I'll be putting up a paypal donate button soon. I'm not asking for much, just a few dollars and it'll help me be able to afford to keep going for a few more years.

I think I'm done now. Other than that - updates to follow shortly. I'm working on some icons and a video at the moment and once they're done I'll start on the first page of the 2006 season. Isn't it exciting?!

May 21st 2006 - Just to let everyone know, I'm now at camp so updates aren't likely. However I will try and make the odd post over at the message board. I'll try and upload photos over there as well. Also, Happy Birthday, Lee! We got him a cake and went to Middletown Mall for him. I think that was quite nice. I'm nice. Shut up! I am! So yes, to those coming to camp this summer: see you soon! To those who aren't: you suck! No, I'll be back to make my half-arsed attempts at running this site in September.

April 10th 2006 - Yeah, I'm rubbish. We knew this already. Anyway, here is a new video for your enjoyment. Also I should have the new Reunion section of the site up and running some time this week. That's it. Sod off now.

March 11th 2006 - Right. The Rules are up. I've also shuffled things around abit. There's no longer a "community" section. To get to the message board or guestbook you're just going to have to use the links at the top of the page. Hint, hint.

March 1st 2006 - Oh, I've been a bad Emily. Not updating for over a month. Naughty me. Naughty. Anyway if I can direct your attention over here you shall see a video I made. Made up of photos from my four years at camp. It's very schmalzy so beware. Also Camp has started up a blogspot thingy which, quite frankly scares the pants off of me because I don't know how those things work but oh well, guess I'd better learn. Check it out.

January 25th 2006 - In a futile attempt to tide you lot over, the official camp site has had a revamp and is now spankingly pretty... though not as pretty as mine. Go check it out. And hit refresh to see a few different pictures of camp life.

January 20th 2006 - Another non-update. I'm busy developing another website (really!) at the moment, as well as suffering from a back injury that's severely limiting my time online, so there wont be any updates to Jenedians for another couple of weeks. Sorry for those wanting to see new pics. There are some lined up I just don't have the time. In the meantime discussion continues over at the forum.

December 29th 2005 - The forum is back up and running. Sorry about the downtime. There was this whole technical thing going on with the company who provide the board. Hmmm. Anyway, like I say, it's back up now. Yay!

December 22nd 2005 - Not an update, just a quick note to say that the message board will be down for the next few days. Apparently there are problems with the server that need to get fixed. So... sorry about that.

December 21st 2005 - Merry Christmas everyone. Now as those of you who know me know - I'm a miserable bugger, however I'm a miserable yet lovely bugger so there are two, count 'em two new pages over at 2005 aswell as a new page on Camp: The Bad Bits.

Also, I received this is the mail today and thought I would pass on the sentiments. Happy Holidays!

December 17th 2005 - A new page added over at the 2005 page. But what's this?! A new 2004 page? Yes indeed, my luvverlies. 16 months after I first came up with the idea I have finally made a page dedicated to [embarassing] Leanne. Go look. Then go post.

December 12th 2005 - Made it past 3000 hits yesterday. Many yays. Also thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I had a good day. Didn't get drunk either. I was quite impressed. I didn't think it was possible to feel even older and grumpier than I did before but... here I am: grouching for 23 years and counting.

December 6th 2005 - Updated the activities page because Kate threw a wobbly. I keed. I keed. Because Animal Husbandry is not Discovering Outdoors. Also - I'm freaking coming back to camp. Can we say squ-ee?

December 5th 2005 - As part of continuing the new-look of the site I intend to buy some web-hosting. Now buying webhosting means no more ads on the site, aswell as more opportunities for the site to expland (plus I'm running out of space on my free account). 1 years worth of hosting will cost $100 approx. I can't afford that. So what I'm wanting to know is... do people care enough about the ads? Would anyone help me out on paying for the hosting? Talk on the subject is over at the forum.

Emma Brayford - If anyone reading this has been in touch with Emma, please let Channelle or her family know because they haven't heard from her since September. Emma. Get in touch, woman.

December 2nd 2005 -
Well I'm on abit of a roll here. Added another new page. Find out about the Staff Banquet over at the 2005 index. Also added a new section on the site: The Camp, with 2 pages - Activities and Camp Info. Enjoy

December 1st 2005 - So what do you think of the new look? Let me know. The new page is up over at the 2005 index, so go check it out! I've also added some icons to use over at the forum.

November 30th 2005 - Starting from tonight the site will be coming down to be replaced by the brand-spanking new one. It should take a day or so and it's going to look a mess during the transition, so please bare with me there. Once it is all done though - and you'll know when it is - the new page will be up. Hee. Fireman!

In the mean time, I've got a new messageboard. It's a bit blank right now so if you lot could help me out by heading on over and signing up. Features include member profiles aswell and well the ability to put you own icons up there. Which I think is well cool. But that's just because I like making 'em.

November 20th 2005 - Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm currently trying to redesign the site and unfortunately this involves me learning a lot of the HTML required, so it's all taking me longer than I had initially hoped. However once it's done it'll be back to updating the 2005 pages. I've got one just about ready to go up and another two started. So really it's just waiting for me to learn how to write javascript. Anyway don't forget to reset your bookmarks (like anyone has this page bookmarked), to - 'cause that's what this is now. yay!

November 8th 2005 - Just a quick note. I have videos on the summer that I'm also hoping to post up - highlights include Shawn singing Savage Garden, Kate's knock knock jokes (YES!), Me fawning over Casey, Me Annoying the session 10 cabin leaders and Andreea and Shawn enjoying some bondage fun - however I'm having trouble finding somewhere to upload them to. If anyone knows of a good site or can host them for me, please drop me a line, because they're well worth seeing. Oh and I forgot - there's also the fashion show from the staff banquet there and let me tell you - that is something you want to see! That's about it.

November 7th 2005 - So the 2005 Menu is up and running. It's only got the one page in there right now but give me time. Also at Lily's request - aka bullying - I've added the 2005 staff photo. I've also been working on some banners for the site, aswell as investing in a domain name which should be coming into effect over the next couple of days. You'll never guess what it's going to be called. Also, as ever a call goes out for every reading this to use the message board. The more people use it the better it gets. New pages should be up within the week. Looks like it's going to be The Firefighters and the monster that was The Staff Banquet. Anyway, here's a glimpse of the artwork I've been doing. What do you think?

November 5th 2005 - A strange thing happened today. My internet connection died (it got better). To my suprise I found myself pouring over old photos of Jened. And I did something with them! I now have 2 new pages ready to go up, aswell as banners and icons. I don't have the time to put them up tonight and I wont be online tomorrow, but hopefully Monday should be the long-awaited day that I actually add something to the site. Wish me luck.

October 25th 2005 - Nothing new to say. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and assure you all that this site is not dead, as it may appear. Just sleeping untill I can stay focused long enough to do a little html-magic. Well... html-dabbling. Well... html-"how the hell does this work again?"

October 5th 2005 - Well I left camp one month ago today. Is it too early to be counting down to next summer already? (No, Emily! Bad Emily! You are getting a real life!). Ahem. Where was I? Ah yes. So I have been motivated enough to consider starting to put the photos up. Some of the wonders you have to look forward to are: the visit from the firefighters, my adventures in Washington, the 4th of July (minus the missing guest heart-stopping terror), random embarassing photos of people, Kate's butt, the staff banquet, and there will be no pages documenting break-ins and theivery. None. Because nothing happened. STOP STARING AT ME!

Anyway... as I was saying I should start putting stuff up by the end of the month. And I want to put a call out to everyone to go to the messageboard because it's sort of... dead. Go there... introduce yourself... go on!

September 12th 2005 - It's over. Yup yup. Camp Jened's summer season 2005 is finished. We had an extra long run this summer. Leadership orientation started May 23rd and session 11 (old staffers don't get scared - it's was a mini mini session, not the real thing), ended today. LONG SUMMER. But all good things must come to an end. And so we say goodbye to Jened once more. One last thing before I go though - I promised I would post this, well actually I didn't so much promise as... threaten - so there ya go. Hi Masha! And yes, I am actually evil. Heh heh. So to make it up a little bit here is an honest to God picture of me wearing pink. I swear, I really did wear pink. *shudders*

July 24th 2005 - Hello to one and all. Here I sit in the office at 2am covering Alla's night duty. <- Alla's name is on the site! Yay! I've taken a lot of photos this summer and hopefully at some point I should be able to put up a quick page in August. Other than that... camp is still camp and camp is still good.

June 9th 2005 - Well here I sit in the office. We just had our first talent show and JES writing starts in little over a quarter of an hour. Exciting, no? Well I invested in a digital camera (God Bless Walmart), so hopefully at some point I can post up photos of the summer during the summer! Anyway better go get the JESs ready to hand out. Cake Day tomorrow!

May 4th 2005 - Yeah I suck. No updates for three months and let's be honest here: there's not going to be any in the next couple of weeks either. I am however thinking about buying a domain name for the site. Any suggestions? Anyway, on the plus side - I go away in Fourteen days, 22 hours and fifteen minutes. Not that I'm counting.

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