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So this is my little page saying how I'm poor and destitute and own nothing, and have no power or sway over anything either.

I am in no was affiliated with the powers that be at Jened Recreation Village. Unless working there during the sumer counts, 'cause if that does then Hey! Look at me! I'm all cool and all the Jenediness! Or not. The Jened logo is probably copyrighted by Jened or the United Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State. Probably... if it not it's totally mine dude! ;-)

Sorry if I put your picture up here without your permission, but the way I see it is this: you let me take your photo... so your ass is mine! But if you really have a problem with this well then just drop me a line and I'll take the offending pic down, ok?

What else? Well Penfold is totally my creation, all those he is my bestest buddy and a wicked cool beanie toy. No, he's the property of whoever the hell wrote that wicked cool show Danger Mouse. And whoever you are, dudes... you Rock!. I am in total awe and stuff like that.

Oh, and the 2004 Camp Jened song is adapted from "Kellerman's Anthem" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Performed by The Emile Bergsteign Chorale. The song rocks. No offense meant. I'm just borrowing it.

The 2005 Camp Jened song is "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by the mighty Green Day. It just sums up how I felt about the end of my 2005 adventure.

Ok that's it I'm done. Yay Camp Jened!

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