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The Rules

The Big Ones - Smoking - The Dress Code - Appropriacy

Camp Jened is just like every other summer camp in the US. It's chock full of rules that staff are expected to follow. Continued rule-breaking can and has resulted in being fired.

The Big Ones

There are three rules on camp which, if broken will lead to immediate dismissal.

Alcohol - Alcohol is not allowed on camp. Anyone caught drinking alcohol on camp, or being drunk while at work, faces immediate dismissal.

Drugs - Drugs are not allowed on camp. Again, if you are caught with drugs on camp you will be dismissed and escorted off of camp property.

Off-Camp - You are not allowed off camp, except on session breaks and days off. If you are caught off camp (without getting permission from the director), you will be asked to leave for good.


Unlike some other camps you are allowed to smoke on camp grounds. However only in designated areas. The main is the beloved smoking table. The social centre of camp-life. If you're interested in gossip this is the place to be. Also if you want to smoke... well the clue is in the name.

The only other time and place you can smoke is if you are on final stretch or night duty, when you camp smoke across from your cabin. Smoke nearer to the cabin and incur the Night Owl's wrath!

The Dress Code

Jened's dress code is realitively informal. There are only 2 mandatory pieces of dress on camp. One is your on-camp best friend: your whistle and the other - is your staff t-shirt, which you have to wear on the opening and closing day of each session.

The rest of Jened's dress-code is aimed towards keeping clothes practical.

Shoes - You must wear shoes that are closed-toes and closed-heals. No sandels etc. This is to avoid spreading infections and also to avoid broken toes (getting you foot run over by a wheelchair hurts).

Shorts - The general rule of thumb is that the hem of your shorts must be lower than your hands when your arms are by your sides.

Tops - Must cover your midriff and shoulders. No spaghetti strap tops.

A rule for all clothing on camp is that it must not contain references to alcohol or drugs, or curse-words.


While it is understood that friendships and relationships form on camp, it is important to remember that camp is a work environment and you must remain as professional and appropriate when around the guests. No kissing and cuddling and no swearing.

Guys and girls live seperately on camp. Males are not allowed in the Females' cabins and visa versa.

We also ask non-native English speakers not to talk in their own language around guests. When you know your guest has no way of understanding what you're saying, it is disrespectful in the extreme to talk in a different language.

This is in no way a complete list of the rules at camp, but it's a good place to start.

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