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And so my friends, I bring to you a collection of photos from my third summer in America. I'm never leaving, am I?

Camp Jened: Magic Camp!

"Camp Jened we come together
Singing all as one
We have shared another seasons'
Talent, play and fun
Summer days will soon be over
Soon the auturm starts
And tonight our memories whisper
Softly in our hearts

Join hands and hearts and voices
Voices, hearts and hands
At Camp Jened the friendships last long
As the mountains stand"

Right, so - the photos.

2004. The Powers that be have obviously not learned their lesson from my power-hungry ego trip of a summer in 2003 and have... oh I can hardly say it... they've made me CC! I'm calm.

So here I sit. I'm a little older, a little wiser. I have a few gray hairs and my abilities as a people person are pretty much exhausted but somehow I surivived my summer as CC.

Props go out to all my old CCs from 02 and 03. To Tom, Luuk and of course the walking wonder from down under: Sas. I have such respect for you guys now. Also to my five year old American brother Jerahmi. Somehow, dude. Somehow we survived.

Anyway, because of my job I had a completely different experience this past summer, so I'm finding it a lot more difficult to think of ideas for pages to put up here. Please forgive me.

Many thanks go to Sean and Travis for sending me photos. Also to Christie for letting me steal some pictures and to Leanne for giving me some photos that Dan took. How confusing is that?! As ever I'm always on the look out for pics so if you're feeling generous please email me! So here we go!

A Tour Of Camp

Viva Las Vegas!

My Tractor

The Village Of The Damned!

Nothing Happened!

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