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And so finally, my friends, I bring to you a collection of photos from my fourth and not-so final summer in America.

Camp Jened: Magic Camp!

"Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Ring out the bells again.
Like we did when spring began.
Wake me up when September ends.

Here comes the rain again,
Falling from the stars;
Drenched in my pain again,
Becoming who we are.

As my memory rests,
But never forgets what I lost.
Wake me up when September ends."

Right, so - the photos.

2005 was, without a doubt, the hardest summer I had ever experienced at camp. Anyone who was there, or has been in contact with anyone who was there, probably has a fair idea of some of the stuff that went on. It was tough. But the summer taught me something - no matter how difficult it is, no matter how sure you are you can't do it; somehow this place - this camp - brings out the best in people. You get it done. We got it done.

Many thanks go to everyone who help make my final summer at Camp Jened so memorable. Despite the hard times I also left with many wonderful memories of the summer. Props go out to all my cabin leaders for doing so well and rising to every challenge, and ofcourse to my counselors who worked their collective socks off for 3 months. Again a big shout out to Shawn who got me through the summer. To Jnr and Claire for loving me so damn much and buying me an ipod. I love my ipod. It's called little dude.

And a huge thank you to Sas. I am now and I think always will be "Mini-Sas" and that's definately something I'm happy to be.

As ever I'm always on the look out for pics so if you're feeling generous please email me! Thanks go to Ciara for googling how to spell fluorescent for me and Ryan for providing me with photos for the staff banquet. Also thanks go to Snr for sending me some very interesting pictures. Righteo then. Here we go!

Camp Jened: Behind The Scenes


The Staff Banquet: Groovy, Baby!

Feel The Pain!

My Girls: Redux

Knock Knock - Whos There?

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